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Arvoputki manufactures polyurethane- insulated pipe systems. The largest product group is district heating pipes. Other product groups are for example steam and special pipes. The factory is located in Mynämäki, 30 km to the north of Turku.


Arvo-Putki was established in 1977 in Turku. In 1984 AP moved to the new premises at Mynämäki and the whole production was industrialized. Freon-free production was introduced in 2000 and at the same time production was made more effective and the variety of products was extended.


Flexibility: Flexibility is the great asset in the small factory. We like to keep on taking good care of this asset. We like to deliver special components exactly in a form the customer wishes. We like to be flexible in all possible ways in order to make all projects of our customers to run smoothly.

Quickness: When the ditch is open and the pipe system is leaking the components are needed urgently.  The small factory can easily adapt to the situation. We like to do it.

Punctuality Punctuality is important for the customers as well as for us. The customer must know exactly when the pipes arrive at the construction site to be able to organize everything promptly. To succeed in this the company must insist on promptness also internally.


The quality control committee in district heating sets certain quality criterions on district heating products. The approved products are awarded the quality guarantee standard,  LT standard,  by the quality control committee.  This LT standard mark has been awarded to Arvo-Putki Oy products. Furthermore, Arvoputki is awarded by district heating business European cooperation organization Euroheat&Power quality certificate. By doing careful and high-quality work our company has gained a stable footing in domestic and nearby areas´ district heating markets.


Environment is not doing well. When making decisions we take environmental effects into consideration. The pipe factory´s biggest effect on environment is connected with the ozonosphere.  Polyurethane can be manufactured either or not using Freon-bearing polyurethane. We are not using this Freon in production. Other environment-saving procedures are recycling of polyethen waste and minimizing of transport kilometers. Insulating power of polyurethane has indirect effect on environmental load. Therefore this character has the highest priority in our products.

Arvo-Putki Oy is building up the new internal environmental program. The purpose of the program is to consider environmental effects concerning all factors related to our operations. The most significant sectors are raw materials and subcontractors, own production and products and transport.


Domestic market is the main marketing area for Arvo-Putki Oy.







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