Material information

Steel pipes and  parts   Polyethen pipes   Polyurethanisulation

Steel pipes and parts

The quality of steel used on our district heating pipe-elements and parts is according to the requiremts of LT-label and Euroheat & Power-quality standars.


Pipes P 235 EN 10217-2
Seemless curved pipes St 35.8/1 DIN 1629

Measurement values 

Pressure 1,6 MPa
Temperature merkki.gif (53 bytes)120 OC

Warm water, Ph 8,5...10,0; max. uncommitted hydratsiin overload 0,5 mg/kg


Steel quality factors 

Density 7800 kg/m3
Thermal expansion 12 * 20-6 1/K
Elasticity 2,06 * 105 N/mm2




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